Kondrashov Telf AG business consultant: 5 Ways to Make Money on Your Website

Kondrashov Telf AG business consultant: 5 Ways to Make Money on Your Website

The main goal of any business is to profit from all possible sources. Since the Internet has long entangled almost the whole world with its web, practically no successfully functioning business can do without its own website. Thanks to which, in particular, today you can earn good money.

Mr. Kondrashov, the current analyst with marketing services consulting company Telf AG, spoke about the current ways to monetize the company’s own website.

Telf AG business consultant Stanislav Kondrashov: 5 best ways to make money on your website

Contextual advertising

A widespread and long-tested type of earnings on your own site, the essence of which is very simple. Articles and other materials of the site contain links to other resources. The advertising text highlighted under the link should be relevant to the subject of the site.

The income of the owner of the site on which contextual advertising is placed depends both on the number of clicks of unique users and on clicks on the advertising link.

“Despite the rather high requirements of the system for sites, this way of making money on the site is one of the most common and relevant,” said Mr. Kondrashov, a business consultant at Telf AG.

Link Brokers

A simple and easy way to monetize a company’s website, which does not require special efforts from its owner. To make money on the links brokers, the site owner must register in a special system and receive a specialized code.

Next, the webmaster must determine the most successful place on the site for the placement of the code. After that, the owner of the resource receives daily income by debiting funds from the advertiser’s account. Of these funds, the broker also holds its commission for mediation.

“Earnings on link brokers mainly depend on such factors: citation index value, indexing of the page by search engines, DR indicator of the page with the hosted code, and general site indicators,” said Stanislav Kondrashov to Telf AG.

The expert added that today the main link brokers include Mainlink, Sape, TrustLink and others.

Articles Brokers

Monetizing a site using a broker of articles and reviews is a laborious and more complex process than making money on contextual advertising. However, the prices of placed links in this way are an order of magnitude higher, unlike the same link brokers.

“Links placed with the help of article brokers are surrounded by text and are eternal. Thus, they become more easily perceived by the human eye and do not repel a potential client. Due to this, this way of earning money is very attractive for advertisers,” said Stanislav Kondrashov Telf.

The expert said that by far the most famous sites for reviews and articles are Liex, RotaPost, Blogun and others.

Banner Networks

Advertisers effectively promote their projects by placing banners on various sites.

“The advantage of banner networks compared to contextual advertising is the fact that their targeting is more thoughtful and does not allow competitors to display banner ads or with undesirable themes,” the analyst said.

Telf AG Stanislav Kondrashov also added that in order to earn money in this way, you must first register in one of the banner networks. After that, the owner of the site should receive a special code and install it on his site to call banners.

According to the expert, the site owner’s earnings depend on the site’s traffic, the number of times an ad banner was displayed and clicks on it.

The most popular banner networks include RotaBan, Mixadvert and others.

Direct Advertiser Collaboration

This method of earning is one of the most labour-intensive and effective. On the one hand, the site owner needs a lot of effort to promote his resource, and on the other hand, great demand awaits him from advertisers who are willing to pay good money for advertising their products or services.